The future some decades from now

On my timeline, that follows the timeline of the self-owning machines that generate a Citizen’s Basic Income for mankind, I can see a world without scarcity. Borders are gone, central governments do not exist, nor does money. With friends and family, I laugh about the time when it did. The earth is still recovering from the “age of power and greed” as we call the period in history when we had to work hard for pieces of paper and bits and bites without any intrinsic value. But recovery is almost there. People are spiritually awakened and focus on new (or old?) knowledge that has nothing to do with learning to cope with the assumption of scarcity and fear. We still experience periods of restlessness and fear, but we know how to read and handle it. We are used to cope with transitions and a scope of frequencies and vibrations around and within us. We can determine if vibrations are natural or man-made and have learned how to focus on the ones that are good for us. It is the beginning of the age of common sense, after a very short age of common good.

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