Why Machines (Not Homo Sapiens) Should Generate a Basic Income for Mankind

Where humans have an intrinsic motivation to earn money, machines do not. If we would build infrastructures from machines or technologies that own themselves, the returned value can be put back into the system and/or society, to be used for the common good. The best way to do that, is through a Basic Income.

Using self-owning autonomous driving cars as an example within disruptive infrastructures (transport and energy), the future will be presented as an inclusive and caring society, characterized by abundance and planetary integrity. The combination of these self-owning machines with basic income, will directly effect 16 of the 17 sustainable development goals of the united nations!
This world with real freedom of choice is within reach for all of us, co-created from bottom up with “smart contracts” between machines and technologies in a global digital network.

check out this presentation

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